"My first Bully Gang dog lived to be 15 years old and we had to put him down last year. We just purchased our new pup and couldn't be happier. Best "bullies" in the dog world" -Ken Stone

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Cory and Blaze

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I was born in 1972, raised on a cattle farm in North Lebanon, Oregon on 25 acres. Growing up on the ranch with the animals I learned a lot about breeding, genetics and how to enhance features in certain bloodlines. 1988 rolled around and I was 16 years old; my Uncle Mike and my dad had pitbulls. I started getting into the American Pitbull Terrier.

From there I had my first litter out of Blaze in 1990 that was crossed with an old Corvino Colby female from 1990 to 1996 we bred more from athletic bloodlines but on the thicker side. Blaze was at 75 lbs and 18 inch tall. He was very "ATHLETIC"! In 1996 I started to go with the thicker heavier bloodlines and that's when we started using Amber Light Bogun, some of GINNY York's blood and then O.G. Greyskull.

Bully Gang pitbulls has evolved into Bully Gang Originals which now consists of pocket size bullies and Exotics. Now Anthony Washington, Jermaine Oliver, Justin Rosenbaum and I are producing these types from the bloodlines we have been working with for 31 years.

Bullygang started out in 1990 more out of the athletic game looking dogs and then evolved into what we have now. Our history and with dogs such as Dewgan, Creeper, Cruella, Cheyenne and Blaze we are consistently producing short, thick and wide but still able to move and breathe bullies and Exotics with the correct breeding and genetic background.
- Cory Graham